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Bishan Clubhouse

(Bishan CC) 51 Bishan Street 13 #02-01 S(579799)

The Bishan clubhouse has a floor area of 160 square meters. It consists of a big game hall, a classroom and an office. Same as the main club house, the whole area is part of the Singapore Intellectual Games Centre and is in the compound of Bishan Community club. Visitors may take the MRT to Bishan station or buses to Bishan Interchange. The center is right opposite to the Bishan Bus Interchange.

Due to situation of Covid-19, opening hours of Bishan Clubhouse may have last minute changes. Please call before coming down to the clubhouse.

MONDAY/ Wednesday/Thursday/ Friday and Saturday  2:00pm to 8:00pm
Sunday 10:00am to 9:00pm




For general enquires, please contact Singapore Weiqi Association at

Tel: (65) 6356 9756 

Whatsapp/ Wechat Tel:(65) 9734 0434

* Board and Seed Fee
Non-members need to pay $10 per day entry for enjoying games in any of these club houses.
Members need not pay any fee.