National Rating System: Overview
5/24/2016 1:48 PM

General Information

Singapore Weiqi Association will be implementing a new rating system for all weiqi players that take part in competitions that are sanctioned by SWA. Starting from Shoutan Cup this year, participants will be assigned rating points based on how well they fare in the various competitions. The rating points of participants of Shoutan, Qiuping and Lanke Cups will be published in July, along with the details of the rating system.


Depending on players' tournament results, the correspondence between grades and ratings may have a few discrepancies, especially for lower kyu grades. However, it gives a relatively good measure of player's strength provided that he/she has participated in at least 3-5 tournaments.



What is the objective of the rating system?

The rating system aim to better reflect the improvement of players’ strength, and encourage them to be more active in the game. Moreover, most other countries worldwide has rating systems, such as the American Go Association(AGA), European Go Federation(EGF), China Weiqi Association, Korea Baduk Association(KBA), Nihon Ki-in, etc. The adoption of the rating system will be one step towards the creation of a world ranking system.


How is the rating system calculated?

The rating system is derived from ELO rating system used by Europe Go Federation. It is based on the idea that one can define a probability of winning a game (so called winning expectancy SE) depending on the difference of opponents ratings D=RB-RA.

The post-tournament ratings are calculated assuming that every player enters the games with all opponents at the same initial (pre-tournament) rating. It means that the ratings are not reevaluated after each game (round) and the "new" ratings are computed from the "old" ones adding all contributions from the games the player completed at a given tournament. In other words, we assume that the ratings of players do not change in the process of one tournament.

For detailed calculations of the rating system, please go to the National Rating System: How it works? 


How does the rating system correspond with the current kyu/dan ranks?

There is no direct correspond with the current kyu/dan rank but estimation of initial rating will be based on a range of kyu/dan rank.

For more details, please go to the National Rating System: How it works? 


Which tournaments will be rated?

Tournament needs to fulfil a certain criteria to be a rated game. To learn on the full criteria, please go to the National Rating System: How it works? 


For more information, please email to National Rating Team committee at