Alphago Vs Ke Jie 9P Showdown!
5/15/2017 11:37 PM

This coming 23 - 27 May 2017, we will finally see the return of "Alphago", currently the strongest Artificial Intelligence playing the game of Weiqi, to battle the strongest Player in the world, Ke Jie (Professional 9Dan)!

To complement with this exciting showcase of skill and technology, Singapore Weiqi Association will be holding 2 Worshops to cater to all Weiqi fans in Singapore, as well as new friends who have not gotten the chance to learn how to play Weiqi yet.

1)"Playing your First Stone" Workshop

(22/05/17, 7:30pm till 9pm @ SWA Bishan)

Singapore Weiqi Association Vice-President, Mr James Lee (Left) will be conducting an informative workshop to guide new folks to Weiqi on how to appreciate and play the game and hopefully by the end of the evening, we can all appreciate and soak in the fun and excitement of the epic battles between "Alphago" and some of the best players in the world!

Seats are limited, so please come early to book your seats!

2) "Alphago" Version 2.0 Post - Games Commentary

(24/05/17, 7pm till 9:30pm @ SWA Bishan)

SIngapore Weiqi Association Chief Coach, Mr Yang Jin Hua (Professional 6Dan), will be conducting a public commentary to guide us through on the exciting games played on the 23rd May and study some of the new aspects and developments in Weiqi technical skill as well as discover some of the new advancements in "Alphago" technology.

Please don't miss this chance to learn from the Master himself and meet Mr Yang in person! Seats are limited, so come early to book your seats!