The 2nd [7Dan] Title Match
12/1/2017 5:15 PM

The 2nd [7Dan] Title Match is back!  Apart from the participation of previous edition’s Champion Wang Yaxin 7Dan, and 1st Runner-up Kwa Jie Hui 5Dan, a list of super strong Dan players are also ready to give a Wang and Kwa a good run for their money!  1) Lu Yong 5Dan (2017 Zong Xiang Cup Champion) 2) James Lee 5Dan 3) Wang Chen Shun 5Dan 4) House Chuah 5Dan 5) Pei Jin Ling 4Dan 6) Shayn Tan 4Dan (NYWC Junior Sec Champion) 7) Brian Lee Jun Siang 4Dan(Gold Medalist in multiple events) 8)Chua Chin Hwee 4Dan 9) Yeh Ke Cheng 4Dan 10) Xiang Cheng 4Dan 11) Lucas Yeo Chun Teng 3Dan 12) Lin Xingyang 3Dan  Qualifiers and finals will be played this Weekend as follows:  Saturday Qualifiers (02/12/2017) @ Swa Bishan, between 930am till 5pm  Sunday Finals (03/12/2017) @ SWA Bishan, between 11am onwards with live commentaries by SWA Chief Coach, Mr Yang Jin Hua (Professional 6Dan)!   This competition is open to public to spectate so welcome all friends to come and witness the birth of the new “King of Kings” or the successor