2020 June Semester for SWA Training Programs
5/15/2020 8:42 AM

Dear Members, Students, Parents and friends,

Due to the current [Covid19] outbreak in Singapore, Singapore Weiqi Association
has transferred all our Training programs to online platforms where we can continue to
serve the learning needs of all our members and students for the semester between
January till May 2020.

It has been a while since then, and before we know it, we will soon be preparing
to start our Training programs for the new semester starting 12th/13th/14th June 2020.

For safety considerations, Singapore Weiqi Association will continue our training
sessions online, starting June and will strictly observe and follow the guidelines of
relevant authorities, and hopefully we can once again welcome all students back to SWA
Bishan or Bugis to continue our lessons together.

This has indeed been an unforgettable year. In order to support our children’s
passion in Weiqi Training, our members and parents had sacrificed alot of their time and
energy during this difficult period of crisis.

For this, on behalf of Singapore Weiqi Association Executive Committee, as well as our
Trainers, I will like to extend our deepest gratitude to all our members and parents.
As our way of showing our appreciation to you, Singapore Weiqi Association will be
implementing the following measures to show our solidarity with all our members,
students and parents during these challenging times.

1)The “Together” Incentives
For all our graduates of the current semester who are registering for the next semester, as
long as you can complete the registration and payment of fees latest by the 31st of May
2020, you will not only be eligible for our $20 (Early Bird) Discount, but will also enjoy
an additional $50 (“Together”) Discount too. Your total training fees will be adjusted
according to the Discounts as stated once you complete your registration.

Please follow the instructions as written on our registration form, and work closely with
our manager and staff to complete your registration so you will not miss out on these
*The incentives stated above do not apply to Fundamental Class as other benefits have
already been arranged for them.
*The incentives stated above will also not apply to National Men’s Team and Ladies
Team as they will continue to enjoy their existing incentives from the Association.

2)Three Day Free Online Weiqi Interest Class
Amidst the current [Covid19] outbreak, no one is spared from the turmoil, especially our
children who had to do their learning and live out the crisis indoors.
To provide our children an opportunity to experience the amazing and charismatic world
of Weiqi, Singapore Weiqi Association has decided to organize a series of free
workshops online so that children who are stuck indoors can learn something new during
this School Holidays!

As long as our current SWA graduates of our Training programs can help spread this
“Gift” around to your friends and if our [New Friends of Weiqi] decides to join our new
semester to further their learning, you can also enjoy an additional $20 (“Sharing”)
Discount too! Your total training fees will be adjusted according to the Discounts as
stated once you complete your registration.

The more [New Friends of Weiqi] you help sign up, the more $20 “Sharing” Discounts
you can stack up! So wait no further and help spread the word!
Weiqi is a beautiful mindsport, with thousands of years of human wisdom hidden within,
waiting to be discovered.

We welcome all members and parents to use this opportunity to encourage [New friends
of Weiqi] to give Weiqi a try, and pick up this beautiful Mindsport, and gain endless
benefits, boosting students’learning abilities and cultivate personal character at the same
For more information, please refer to:https://weiqi.org.sg/Home/News/1564

Yours Truly,
James Lee (Vice-President, Singapore Weiqi Association)