15th Korea Prime Minister Cup Selection Games
6/16/2020 1:15 PM

15th Korea Prime Minister Cup Selection Games

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The Singapore Weiqi Association is selecting 1 player to represent Singapore for the 15th Korea Prime Minister Cup Online Competition - 3/08/20 – 29/08/20 (Please refer to attachment for details)

Representatives will be required to compete online with Live Video Arrangements.



Singaporean Citizens and Singapore Weiqi Association members

Time and Date

27-28 June 2020, 10am

Competition Arrangements

Games will be played via KGS (Singapore Room)

Participants will also be required to use Zoom Conferencing to show themselves playing the matches without any assistance from anyone else or AI software.

Registration Deadline

$30 per player for registration

Please register by 22nd June 2020


Rules and Regulations

1) Swiss rules (Number of rounds to be confirmed)

2) 60 minutes absolute per player.

3) Korean Rules will apply with Dum (Komi) of 6.5 given to the White Stones