About Us
Singapore Weiqi Association was founded in 1981. Activities started in the same year at the Ulu Pandan Community Center. The association has not only succeeded in establishing a foothold in Singapore, but has also attracted attention in the international Weiqi circles. During the late 80's, the association successfully held several international tournaments and received visits of many Weiqi Grand Masters from China, Japan and Korea. The Weiqi population in Singapore has increased from about 100 in 1981to more than 20,000 in 2000.

The association is training more than 3000 students each year at our clubhouses and schools. Presently, there are more than 250 students learning Weiqi in the two clubhouses. Each learner can start from beginner's courses, intermediate courses and up to advance courses. After two three years of learning, a student should be able to achieve a 1-Dan level.

About 20 schools and institution offer Weiqi training classes. This includes the two universities and several top schools in Singapore. Most of the training classes are conducted by our professional coaches. Our association also provides support to community clubs to promote their Weiqi activities.

Each year there are more than ten Weiqi tournaments held in Singapore to cater for different groups and different level of players. This includes children and youth tournaments, lady and veteran tournaments, open single, pair and group tournaments. Our association also send about 5 to 10 representatives for overseas championships each year.