2022 Asia Peace Student Baduk Competition
10/19/2022 5:20 PM


2022 Asia Peace Student Baduk Competition

Taebak City Baduk Association

December 2022

报名链接: https://bit.ly/asiapeacebadukcompetition

比赛详情: https://bit.ly/asiapeacecompetitiondetails

报名截止日期: 13 November 2022, Sunday, 5pm

Additional Note

1. Flight tickets are booked by participants themselves (best to follow the timeslot stipulated above). Prior to booking, please discuss flight timings with the team leader, Mr James Lee.  

2. 100/200 USD (payable upon arrival in Korea) is inclusive of accommodation, meals, tour arrangements in between. However, other expenses, including air tickets, are to be self- managed.